Cascara Los Lajones Estate - Panama





Cascara has been quietly gaining awareness amongst the coffee community for some time but its production is still very small and variable in quality. At its best, this liquid rose-gold concoction offers great taste, high antioxidants levels, and low caffeine content. So what is Cascara?

Surrounding every coffee bean is the coffee cherry fruit’s exterior skin and pulp. This covering is a dense, wonderful concentration of natural sugars, oils, vitamins and antioxidants, known as Cascara. When it’s introduced into hot water, the resulting infusion is called Coffee Cherry Tea.

Our Cascara comes from Graciano Cruz’s Los Lajones farm in Panama, where volcanic soils which are rich in minerals and organic material provide perfect conditions for cultivating coffee.

At Los Lajones, perfectly ripe cherries are dried naturally on raised beds, then during the milling process, the coffee beans are separated from the rich, aromatic husk. The gentle processing and sun-drying of the Cascara is what produces the delicious syrupy sweetness that you find in coffee cherry tea.

Intriguingly, the flavours of the infusion are very different to roasted coffee, with flavour notes of cherry and dried cranberry.

The Los Lajones Catuai Cascara has green apple and tamarind with fresh oak and camomile tea notes. When brewed it creates a soft, sweet, less acid coffee cherry tea.


Measure 30g of cascara for every 500ml of water
Water temperature of 92-94C
Experiment with infusion times, we suggest starting with 5-6 minutes, or up to 10 minutes to yield a deeper toned, syrupy aftertaste from the pale red brew.
When done, always filter the liquid to remove the Cascara and enjoy your Coffee Cherry Tea.
Try it warm, or you can refrigerate it overnight before reheating the following day.
It’s a great drink to try in a Chemex.



Los Lajones Organic Estate is located on the slopes of Volcan Baru in the elevation of 1750 – 2400 masl. The total size of the farm is 160 ha, with about 40 ha dedicated to farming. Currently, 35 ha are cultivated with coffee trees, 21 ha are used for production and 14 ha is devoted to young trees between 2-3 years old (mainly Geisha and Pacamara variety). The other varieties used on Los Lajones are Caturra and Catuai.

Before the farm was purchased by Graciano Cruz R. and his son in 1992, it was owned for many years by Alberto Rubio and used mainly for cattle pasture. In the first years after purchase, the lower parts of the property were slowly planted with coffee trees. Recently, the focus shifted to the upper parts, with Geisha variety being planted as high as 2100 masl.



Graciano Cruz is a full-time specialty coffee farmer living at the foot of Volcan Baru, just few minutes from his main farms - Los Lajones and Emporium. He is also certified Q cupper, MBA graduate, director of many projects, father of two sons, surfer and most importantly a big proponent of high quality coffee processed with the minimum of natural resources.

The Packaging:

280 gr of coffee cherries in a brown bottle