V60 Range Server clear 01/02
V60 Range Server clear 01/02 V60 Range Server clear 01/02 V60 Range Server clear 01/02

This stylish, heat-resistant glass carafe is lightweight yet sturdy and designed to remove the need to pre-measure the water for your drip coffee. The rubber lid is compatible with the V60 Ceramic Dripper, and keeps your coffee warm until you’re ready for another cup. The Range Server is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, making this a convenient, time saving addition to your pour-over process. Empower your brewing method with a little piece of genius.

Hario, has been providing coffeehouses with supreme quality glass products world-wide since 1921. The V60 Range Server Clear is all glass carafe and it is compatible with Hario V60 drippers.

Using the V60 range server you will ensure great thermal stability. It is also totally safe in a microwave too and will assist manual coffee brewing at home or cafes

The classic design of the Hario V60 Range Server means that, it is perfectly suitable for all environments. The jug itself, is made out of lightweight and thick deluxe heat-proof glass, allowing the baristas to pour coffee with great ease. In addition, it is extremely easy to clean.

The Hario V60 Range Server has a rubber insert lid, which holds the heat much better than any other glass decanter out there. All in all, the V60 jug offers great heat retention and a stylish way to serve coffee.

Hario V60 Range Server Clear Includes :

Heat-proof Glassware 
Dishwasher Safe
Compatible with Hario V60 drippers